Road Trip

You know, I don’t think I’ll ever become a “writer”. I will always be lazy and nonchalant about deadlines, which give me anxiety like no other. But alas, I haven’t grown up yet so who knows what I’ll become.

As some of you (two) readers know, while on our road trip this summer I’m contributing to a magazine called Misadventures. It’s a lovely magazine with the focus on WOMEN in the OUTDOORS! Imagine, c’est Shangri-La! If you would like to see more current/frequent updates on my summer you can follow me there, where I try to post every other week. At least. On my poor, neglected blog I’m going to commit to write once a month (heavy emphasis on pictures), to keep friends and family updated on the “Grand Adventure”.

A few bits about July 1st, 2016 to July 27th, 2016:

  1. Road Tripping is hard business. I stink all the time. And sometimes I only eat crackers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And snacks.
  2. Bugs are the bane of my existence. And this is coming from the “bug girl”.
  3. If Dorian and I ever settle down again, it will be somewhere there is LITTLE to NO traffic. So, probably the South Pole.
  4. Burlington, VT is on the list of “could-lives”. A gorgeous little city with the purple and blue hued Adirondacks assisting the view of sparkling Lake Champlain. C’est magnifique.
  5. The White Mountains are the most beautiful mountains on the east coast. I’m sorry, but they just are. There is something more rugged and wild and dark about them than their lazy, gold hued Appalachian cousins, whom I love.
  6. This country is built on crumbling roads and fields of soybeans and corn. Perhaps an essay on this topic, at a later date. It’s concerning.
  7. “Van” has become a real, living being to us. It is part of the family, that trusty old gal.
  8. Life is meant to be mixed in with people who speak differently, who don’t look like us, and have different opinions. Otherwise, who would ever challenge what we think we believe?

I know, waxing philosophical here. I have a lot of time on my hands to think. Here’s some pictures, in chronilogical order. States vistied: VA, PA, MA, NH, ME, VT, NY, OH. Next up: The Wild (mid) West.
























Of course, about half of the pictures are by my life partner. My ride or die. The second best snuggling partner a gal could ask for. Kai is too good to be second place. Check out his website where Dorian is updating his blog a lot more frequently than I am.




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