Sweepin’ Dunes

140827_HMBeachSweep_sully sign_CopyrightLundenHerron

The air was sultry and thick, true to its southern nature. Gathered at the eastern edge of the Atlantic seaboard, we were there to change the world… one cigarette butt at a time. Luckily for all the Charleston beach-goers out there, Half-Moon Outfitters and Surfrider Foundation teamed up to do a beach “sweep” at Sullivan Island’s Station 16. And a sweep it was. Trash bags littered the sand, hungrily awaiting a fragile Loggerhead. A large bottle of Barefoot wine and boxers were found… together. We uncovered several beach chairs, tossed carelessly into the protected beach dunes. I’ll admit, going out to Sullivans, I didn’t expect to find much trash. And we didn’t, relatively speaking. But it surprised me that even at a beach where the cost of living is high and the residents are (I assume) well-off, there was still a lot of careless trash. Trash that could have been easily carted off of the beach, like bottle caps! I can only imagine what areas of the world look like where things aren’t taken care of by the people, for the people.

Alas, I think I’ll save that environmental rant for another day (soon). For now, here are some pictures that I took while we were collecting the forgotten beer cans and wishing at the same time we could have one. It was a good time, really. Who doesn’t love being at the beach a hero?







140827_HMBeachSweep_Ann Marie_CopyrightLundenHerron




140827_HMBeachSweep_Marion boxers_CopyrightLundenHerron

140827_HMBeachSweep_Marion family (mom looking)_CopyrightLundenHerron

140827_HMBeachSweep_marion mom and lighthouse_CopyrightLundenHerron

140827_HMBeachSweep_marion dad tounge_CopyrightLundenHerron






As you know, P.S: Big shout out to that guy down there. He had a dream that one day all trash would be picked up. He is an organizer and a go-getter, and undoubtedly without him this beach sweep would not have happened. You tha man, Austin.





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