Blue Peaks

Summer. The hot, merciless creature that creeps up on you sometime mid-June. My worst nightmare. When the heat and humidity come around in Charleston, it is like living in a city filled with Grumpy Cats. Retail is hell. Just try and tell a customer you don’t have their size in those Patagonia shorts. I dare you. Watch the eyes narrow to a slit, and duck at any sign of sudden movement. And I’m not blaming them. I would be akin to a rabid dog if I had to walk around out there all day.

Yeah, summer in the south is miserable.

That being said, it’s hard to be motivated to go outside when you feel like your face will melt off. So the last few weeks have been a blur of cold beer and slightly vegan-ish eating. Not much hiking. Or running. Or happiness. This past weekend I had to run for the hills (not literally) and get OUT. To the mountains we go!

After scooping my sister up in Columbia, and seriously deliberating for hours whether or not to really go, we started on our way up to North Carolina for a short over-nighter. I have to admit something. I (kind of) glamped. We stayed in one of my favorite campgrounds. We had hotdogs for dinner. We drank lukewarm beer. And I even washed my face in the morning. (!) But y’all, the mountains. The fresh air and quiet murmur of the dark woods. Waking up in the middle of the night and all you hear is the movement of the wind across the mountain. Seeing the Blue Peaks first thing when the Sun hasn’t quite shown his face yet. Being out there makes you realize how insignificant we are. Nature owns us. We come from it and we will return to it. It goes something like that.

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The coolest part of the trip? THE ELK! I’ve never seen these creatures out of the TV or computer boxes before, and they are amazing. Huge animals. Like a horse crossed with a moose. With a baboon rump. Did I describe that scientifically enough? I feel like one of my virtues is probably not discription. Good thing I write a blog.

Get out there, yous guys. And take me with you next time, will ya?!


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