Blanket Hoodie. That’s right, I said it.



A few weeks ago, I went on an epic adventure… to hang out with octogenarians in Germany. Now, it may sound like a crazy good time of bread and pâté and soft-boiled eggs. And I assure you, it was. So many soft-boiled eggs. But I also needed to plan for long frolics in meadows filled with cow-patties, and packed U-Bahn rides into the heart of Berlin. Of course as every girl knows, packing the essentials is crucial. If I could, I would bring 50 soft t-shirts instead of two. Alas, my fella refused to carry on a few extra bags (and I ended up carrying his skateboard on the plane to boot) so just my favorite things ended up coming with. This included my Horny Toad Heartfelt Blanket Hoodie. It is literally just like it’s named. A blanket that is acceptable to wear around town, and be successfully trendy. No matter what your style is. Made of boiled jersey knit (although I’ve never heard that term before, imagine a wool-like sweater) and sporting a hoodie, this sweater was my go-to. I wore it when we went out for dinner (over a black “dressy” top, and black jeans, and Olukai Wali Wedges) or curled up in a car reading a book on the way to Dresden. Also, you should note: This is the perfect thing to wear on a plane. Yoga pants? Check. T-shirt? Check. Heartfelt Blanket Hoodie? Double check. There’s no shame in being comfortable instead of chic on a 9 hour plane ride. Nobody is going to be wanting your number with flat hair and grouchy ‘tude. So you might as well be damn happy sitting in a seat for (what feels like) your whole life. Cons? It pills a bit. Nothing new, and something that can be solved with two little fingers. Best thing? It holds up. No tears, wear, or deterioration.

End consensus? Recommended y’all. Here’s a video my fella made for our Germany adventures.

Deutschland from Dorian Warneck on Vimeo.


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